Different Models of Vacuum Lift

Three Models: Which One is Best for You?

The vacuum lift comes in three different sizes; either a single passenger, 2 people or three-person option. The three-person option has the additional advantage of being a suitably sized platform for a wheelchair.

PVE30 – Single Passenger Vacuum Lift

The single passenger vacuum lift is the smallest type available. The external cylinder for this is just 750 mm in diameter, meaning it is suitable for even the smallest of spaces.


PVE37 – Two Passenger Vacuum Lift

The two-person vacuum lift has the additional advantage of having the option for a fold out seat, for increased comfort. The external cylinder for this model is 933 mm.

Vacuum Lift- 2 Person Sized Option

PVE52- Three Passenger Vacuum Lift

The largest vacuum lift available is also suitable for most wheelchairs. The external cylinder for this is 1316 mm; a space-efficient option for any building.

Vacuum Lift, Wheelchair Size 2015

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